Union Bank Loan - Learn How To Apply Now

Union Bank Loan offers a convenient solution for your urgent financial needs. This guide will walk you through the application process.

You'll discover the requirements for eligibility, available loan amounts, fees, and interest rates in the sections below.


We'll also show you how to submit your application online and provide a direct link to the application page. Keep reading to find out more about this fast and easy loan service.

UnionBank Loan: Overview

UnionBankLoan is your online ally for quick financial assistance. Imagine applying for a loan while sipping coffee in your living room.

That's exactly what this service offers - a hassle-free way to borrow money, all from the comfort of your home.


You won't have to waste a minute in line; it's all done digitally, ensuring a smooth and speedy application process.

Convenient and Fast Loan Process

This program stands out for its convenience. You can kickstart the loan process online, making it an ideal choice for when you need funds fast.

Depending on how you fit their criteria, you could borrow anywhere between PHP 1,000 and PHP 250,000.


It's tailor-made for those moments when you need financial support quickly, eliminating the wait for in-person meetings.

Preparation and Eligibility

For Union Bank Loan, there are specific eligibility requirements. To qualify, you need to be an existing UnionBank account holder.

However, not every account holder is eligible for the Loan.

Eligibility is determined through a notification sent via SMS or email, usually to pre-qualified UnionBank account holders.

Your Age and Account Parameters

To apply for a Union Bank Loan, you need to meet specific age and account criteria:

  • Your age should be 21 or above, a common requirement in the financial sector.
  • Having an account with UnionBank is essential, indicating an established relationship with the bank.
  • Being an account holder doesn't guarantee eligibility for the Loan. You must be pre-qualified and receive an eligibility notification through SMS or email.
  • If you're eligible, you'll get an invite code, which is crucial for the loan application process.

Expectations About Unionbank Loan

Union Bank Loan provides various loan amounts tailored to your financial situation. Your eligible loan amount is based on pre-qualification results, starting from PHP 1,000 up to PHP 250,000.

Your application for a specific loan amount isn't random; it's carefully calculated based on your eligibility.

UnionBank evaluates aspects like your income, credit history, and ongoing financial commitments. This thorough assessment helps customize the loan amount to suit your financial capacity and requirements.

Loan Application Insights

When considering a Union Bank Loan, it's essential to set realistic expectations.

Your approved loan amount may vary, as it's based on your personal financial situation and the bank's evaluation of your repayment capacity.


The pre-qualification stage is a key part of the application journey.

It provides a glimpse into the potential loan amount you could qualify for, aiding in financial planning and informed borrowing choices.

Keep in mind that pre-qualification doesn't ensure approval, but it serves as a helpful indicator.

Getting to Know Union Bank Loan Costs

When you decide to apply for a Union Bank Loan, it's important to grasp the costs involved clearly.

The bank uses a clear fee structure, where the processing fees hinge on the loan amount. To give you an idea, securing a loan of PHP 10,000 or more means you'll incur a PHP 2,000 processing fee.

This approach aims at maintaining transparency and fairness throughout the borrowing journey.

Interest Rates

The interest rate is a pivotal factor in any loan scenario. While UnionBank hasn't laid out explicit rates for Loans, their Housing Loans exhibit rates between 8% and 11%.

Knowing these rates is vital, as they significantly influence your monthly repayments and the total cost of the loan. It's worth noting that the details mentioned here might change.

For the freshest and most accurate information, it's always best to consult UnionBank's official site or get in touch with their customer support team.

Repayment Options

Understanding your repayment choices is key when you opt for a Union Bank loan. Here's a brief guide:

  • Standard Repayment Plan: You'll make steady monthly payments throughout the loan's duration.
  • Interest-Only Repayment Plan: Initially, you'll cover just the interest, followed by principal and interest payments.
  • Graduated Repayment Plan: Payments start low and gradually rise.
  • Income-Driven Repayment Plan: Your payments will be tailored to your income, potentially extending the loan term.
  • Lump-Sum Repayment: You have the option to settle the loan in full before the term concludes.

Steps on Applying

If you're interested in a Union Bank Loan, the first step is setting up your online UnionBank account.

Here's a simple guide to get you started:

Create an Online UnionBank Account:

  1. Go to the UnionBank website.
  2. Click on the "Sign Up" button.
  3. Complete the registration form with your details.

Apply for a Quick Loan:

  1. Log in to your UnionBank account.
  2. Navigate to the Quick Loan section.
  3. Fill in the loan application form with the necessary information.
  4. Submit the form and await the bank's decision.

Note: You must have a Quick Loan invitation code, which is sent via SMS or email to pre-qualified account holders. Check your messages and emails for this code.

Contact Information and Applying Online

Eager to get started? Fantastic! Kick off your application for a Union Bank Loan immediately.

Simply click here to head over to the application page. Just a heads up, you'll need an online UnionBank account to move forward.

Contact Number

Got questions or need more details? Feel free to reach out to UnionBank. Give them a ring at 011 800 8277 2273.

If you're more into in-person interactions, swing by UnionBank Plaza Bldg., Meralco Ave.

corner Onyx St., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. They're all set to assist you!

Risks of Credit Agreements

Entering a credit agreement requires careful consideration of potential risks. Here are key points to keep in mind:

  • Debt Accumulation: Failure to meet repayment deadlines can lead to escalating debt and financial strain.
  • Credit Score Impact: Consistently late or missed payments can harm your credit score, affecting your future borrowing ability.
  • Variable Interest Rates: Be aware that some loans have fluctuating interest rates, which could increase your repayment amounts over time.

Loan Terms and Conditions

It's essential to fully comprehend the terms and conditions of your Union Bank loan agreement.

These documents are crucial as they detail:

  • Interest Rate and Repayment Terms: Know the rate of interest you'll be charged and the schedule for repaying the loan.
  • Penalties for Late Payments: Understand the consequences of failing to make payments on time.
  • Borrower's Rights and Obligations: Familiarize yourself with your responsibilities as a borrower and what you can expect from the lender.

Final Thoughts

You've explored the UnionBank Loan, a digital solution for quick financial needs.

We've covered eligibility, loan amounts, interest rates, and the application process.

This service is ideal for hassle-free loans, but ensure you understand the terms before proceeding.


This guide is an overview of Union Bank's Loan, not financial advice.

Make decisions based on your circumstances and consult a financial advisor if needed.

Understanding the terms and conditions of any financial product is crucial.